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Our services range from Facilitative Mediation to Transformative Mediation, and include Evaluative and, our speciality, International Shuttle Mediation.


There are times and situations where it is niether possible nor desirable to have face-to-face meetings. That's where our very successful SHUTTLE service proves invaluable.

We contact all parties individually, and "shuttle" backwards and forwards to reach agreements.

It therefore does not matter that mediating parties are not in the same building, the same town, or even the same country.

In fact we have been successful in our work with clients in Australia, USA, China, and of course all over Europe.

We have been helping people with Separation and Divorce difficulties, Employment and Promotion problems, and Family and Probate disagreements for over 20 years.

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 JOHN DOYLE, a businessman based in West London for over 30 years has a background in marketing throughout the E.F.T.A. group of countries up to U.K's entry to the EU in 1973, and since then has worked in electrical engineering and property maintenance.

He studied Psychology at Thames Valley University, and later at the University of West London., qualified as a Mediator at Clerksroom in Taunton, which qualification is recognised by the Bar Council of England and Wales, and The Law Society, and he is a member of the British Psychological Society, and of the  CMC , the Civil Mediation Society.

His Mediation career started in the early '90s, when, as trainee Mediator, he was elected to the first board of directors of Hounslow Mediation Service Ltd. This was  an independent Mediation Service company registered at Companies House, and partially funded by Hounslow Council, local businesses and the National Lotteries Commission. 

Mr. Doyle studied Mental Health with Prof. Ralph Olson at Birmingham University in 1995, and was appointed Mental Health Act Manager for West London N.H.S.Trust. He spent ten years reviewing appeals against Detention and Renewals of Section under The Mental Health Act of 1983. at Charing Cross, St. Bernards, Broadmoor, and Horton Hospitals.

Mr Doyle is also an experienced Relationship Counsellor, and spent nearly 20 years working as a Samaritan in London. He was instrumental in setting up Samaritan services within H.M. Prison Services, and actually manned a facility on a regular basis at H.M.P. Wormwood Scrubbs and H.M. Young Offenders Institute at Feltham.


Ms Katherina Maire Kaufmann studied Humanities at Universitat Hohenheim in Stuttgart and studied Mediation at Europa Universitat Viadrina in Frankfurt.

Ms. Kaufmann is currently spending some time in London gaining experience for her Master's, and is working with us as an Assistant Mediator and translator for our International Shuttle Mediation work.

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